Job one for any successful business must be maintaining and retaining your existing client base ... then and only then, can you truly grow your business in a predictable and cost effective way.  At the Upgrade Sale, we have a creative, highly effective system that's literally a game changer in this arena.

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Brands served

Brands served

Proven Direct Mailer

Tried, Tested and True.


Direct Mailer

This is not your garden variety Direct Response Marketing mail piece. The quality is absolutely top drawer in regards to both the materials we use, and the copywriting within the letter.
The use of only premium quality materials and full colour gives this the look and feel your clients will respond to. 28lb bond paper with a bright white satin finish gives this letter the best parts of corporate level communication and high-end invitation.

In addition to premium materials, we have a wonderfully crafted piece of copywriting. Comparison tested against other variations over and over, our current version of the letter is a proven champion when it comes to driving your customers to the landing page.

Why it works

The RFM Model

99% of direct mail is done via the shotgun approach, and although this method will get volume results, it’s a poor ROI proposition for you the client. We at the Upgrade Sale use a secret formula made famous by database marketing guru Jim Novo called RFM. RFM stands for Recency, Frequency and Monetization, and when your database is filtered with it ... the result is lower costs and big-time return on your investment.

Our culture is built around producing the biggest, most measurable ROI marketing anywhere. This is our obsession and you will feel its power the very first day of your Upgrade Sale.

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Direct Mailer Screenshot


Thanks for another successful Upgrade Sale. As usual we got a ton of traction from the event and saw a really healthy ROI. Can't wait to see the new version and try it on for size in the spring. I'ill be using this as a best idea for my upcoming 20 group meeting. it should be a slam dunk winner. All the best and continued success.

Kevin Knight | General Manager | Crestview Chrysler

Did You Know?

In a recent survey of 300 of the world's most influential marketing minds, they were asked the following question: "what single activity is most critical in creating a business that is financially secure and is not subject to marketing fluctuations?" ... the number one response was "Controlling repeat purchase behavior".

2010 | Flowtown Study

Premium Landing Page

Where it All Begins.

Landing page screenshot Demo Vid Coming Soon


We liked the new innovative approach of the Upgrade Sale.  It worked out for us and was a very positive experience.  We would do another.

Sam Alaimo | President | Roy Foss Chev

About the

Landing Page

With the help of an Award Winning graphic designer, and leveraging 12 years of retail automotive management experience, we have produced a homerun.  This may truly be the best combination of form and function available anywhere in the world today with regards to Automotive Marketing.

Designed and based on cutting edge conversion rate optimization principles, this page will turn lookers into hot leads with laser-like precision. There is one thing you can be certain of, when your clients see this page, they are going to want to see what’s next.

Why it Works

Clients Told us it Does.

Guessing is never a part of building great pages or offers that get results. Our Landing Page was born from hours upon hours of usability testing and focus group feedback. Now in its 7th version, our current page has tested through the roof. People are drawn to it, and consistently comment on how it gives them the feeling that something unprecedented is happening.

The fact that we use our proprietary code generator to give each client a unique promo code also allows for unparalleled tracking and measurement.

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Dynamic lead gen page

Unparalleled Quality and Communication.

About the

Lead Gen Page

At first glance the Lead Gen page is as simple and intuitive as a page can be, but under the hood it’s literally loaded with features and functionality.

The professionally copywritten personal message uses our proprietary data merge engine for an incredible level of personalization. Add to that our famous custom campaign video and you have an incredible page, but that’s just the beginning. What really makes this page deliver results is the intricacy of our form.

Why it Works

Over 25,000 Reasons.

Developed by the company Founder and based on the experience of desking over 25,000 car deals, this form was built for the real-world showroom. The form needed to be detailed enough to create a premium lead without being too long and creating abandonment. Mission accomplished. Advanced software pre-populates almost 70% of the form requiring a minimal time committment from your client, and sends a lead into your inbox that is so detailed and relevant, it makes desking the deal a dream. Designed by a car guy for car guys, this Lead Gen page converts on average 72% of visitors ... that’s almost 20% better than the best of the best forms across all industries!

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Premium landing page Demo Vid Coming Soon

Did you know

Loyalty is dead, the experts proclaim, and the statistics seem to bear them out. On average, U.S. corporations now lose half their customers in five years, half their employees in four, and half their investors in less than one. We seem to face a future in which the only business relationships will be opportunistic transactions between virtual strangers.

Fredrick Reichheld | Loyalty Guru

Beautiful Payoff Page

Not the End. Just the Beginning.

Payoff page screenshot Demo Vid Coming Soon


The Upgrade Sale appealed to me because it seemed unique and different compared to what we have done before. The sale exceeded our expectations; we would definitely do it again

Rick Brown | General Manager | Waterloo Ford

About the

Payoff Page

Once the lead is generated and on its way to your inbox, we identified through early testing that the client needed something tangible to really drive the final action. Out of this discovery was born the Trade in Voucher.
Each Voucher is dynamically generated with the client’s name, thus continuing the high level of personalization consistent throughout the program. That’s only part of a bigger picture of more premium functionality. Each Voucher has another secret to help your campaign succeed.

Why it Works

A Bird in the Hand.

So what’s the secret? We’ve incorporated a dynamic QR code on every voucher. Not familiar with QR codes? Well, think of them like the new Barcode. Here’s how it works ... once the client submits their info via the lead form, we parse the data, capture it, transcode it into a QR code and like magic it appears on the clients voucher. In store scanning makes the lead info more accessable and tracking a snap. We’ve also just released the ability to have the QR code emailed to the clients smart phone or tablet in lieu of printing off the voucher ... super slick and we’ll save a few trees too.

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We've just scratched the surface

We're Focused on Value for your Money.

About the

Leads to Your Inbox

The second a client registers, you will receive an Upgrade lead to your inbox.  You control which members of your management team receive the leads. In fact, we also have the ability to notify the individual sales reps when one of their clients registers.

Blackberry leads inbox screenshot

About the

Email Autoresponder

If you aren’t familiar with Autoresponders, they’re basically prepared email messages that are sent automatically to the client upon completion of a desired task. We firmly believe that personalization enhances all aspects of the campaign, and therefore it’s been incorporated into this Autoresponder. Instead of the regular canned, standard fare, this Autoresponder is like a personal Thank You from the dealer to the client.

Why it works

Great Expectations

At first glance the Autoresponder is just a simple touch of class to say Thank You to a repeat client for showing interest in the program. However, it’s more. Through testing, we discovered that if the Autoresponder set the expectation for a follow up phone call, appointment rates skyrocketed. This is the kind of planning and testing that goes into every detail of our marketing system.

Why it works

It's in the Details

The Upgrade Sale is a true "top of the foodchain" marketing system.  However, all its many features are insignificant unless they produces one thing ... qualified, motivated leads.  We are hyper-aware of this fact and it's something we have spent hundreds of hours perfecting.  We tried different communication systems but finally determined email was the best. This way when leads arrive via email you can be made aware of them anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone ... the leads arrive perfectly formatted, easy to read, and ready to act on.

Iphone leads inbox screenshot
Social Media image

About the

Social Sharing

It’s hard to avoid hearing all of the hoop-la about social media lately. The fact still remains, it’s a viable and important way to spread your message to others by leveraging the people they take advice from ... their friends and family. Social sharing is the easiest and quickest way to turn something good in to something great overnight.

Why it works

Just Drag and Share

Sometimes it pays to be original, but you also need to be able to recognize greatness when you see it. Mashable is probably the biggest tech blog on the planet and has one of the most powerful social media presences on the web. One of the secrets to building this incredible level of “mind-share” was their Drag-to-Share widget ... we have it too!

About the

Custom Video

Originally done just for a bit of fun, our famous Custom Campaign Movie Trailer is one of our most popular features. Each time you run an Upgrade Sale the video is customized to fit the event timeline/current programs from your manufacturer. Adding drama to your event will motivate both clients and sales reps.

Why it works

Starring ... YOU!

Most components of the Upgrade Sale are heavily focused on tactical. This video on the other hand is all about sizzle. This media shows your clients a level of production and polish that breathes excitement and credibility into your event. Don’t underestimate its ability to motivate your clients, we’ve seen it happen.


We booked an Upgrade Sale to try and get a good start to the year.  January is typically a slow month.  We had one of the best Januarys in a number of years.  It was well worth the investment.  We will definitely do one again.

Jack Ayers | G.S.M. | Wayne Pitman Ford

Did You Know?

Current customers and new customers are not created equal.  New customers will be more of a burden to profitability in the areas of aquisition costs, base profit, revenue growth, operating costs and referrals at minimum.

Fredrick Reichheld | Author - The Loyalty Effect

Business intelligence page

Actionable Insights about Your Investment.

About the

Business Intelligence

A recent add-on and a highly requested feature, our Business Intelligence page was definitely worth the development time and the wait. During each campaign we create a set of data measurements that you can use to gauge the current status of your event at a glance. The set up in the end is that of an executive dashboard, and we can even password protect it for you. Someone in your position needs visability to all the activity surrounding your invested dollars. It’s the only way to be able to keep your team accountable for their part in the success of your Upgrade Sale.


Why it Works

Actionable Insights

Although there are a few basic measurements that we use for the majority of campaigns, the reality is, we can customize your dashboard to report on any data captured within our extremely detailed lead gen form. All this information pops off the page with big numbers and detailed graphs. An important feature we incorporated into our Business Intelligence page was the ability to sort and export all of your leads into multiple formats like excel or .csv. You will have easy access, and total control of your campaign data 24/7.

Business Intelligence screenshot Demo Vid Coming Soon


The upgrade sale you ran for us was an incredible success. I have to admit, I was concerned about giving you our database with missing information, but you purified our entire database and left us with huge lead potential. I underestimated that potential with a showroom full of customers and not enough salespeople. Also, the website you provided us to stay on top of all the leads was perfect. I'm thinking, finally someone who gets it, who's been in the business before and knows what I need. Thanks again Dave, we will be in touch soon for upgrade sale part 2.

Joel Courchaine | General Manager | Knight Dodge

Do you like big ROI

Real Stats. Real Results. Real Profit.

Return of Investement Chart

About the


If we are to really look at how most marketing companies operate, it’s about maximizing how much money they can extract from the client over the short and long term. Our philosophy is 180 degrees from that way of thinking. We use scientific methodologies like RFM and Cross Media Marketing to reduce your cost and create a HUGE return on your investment. If we do this for you, everything else falls into place for us.

Why it Works

Partners in Profit

Our dealers are averaging over 800% ROI on their campaigns and we still aren’t satisfied! We continue to develop our software, test copywriting, lead generation tactics and conversion rate tweaks. We have just recently done some case study work on our most successful clients and used this information to create an Upgrade Sale Best Practices document for you. We are here, as your partner in profit.

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We were looking for something different to promote a sale as traditional mail doesn’t seem to work as well as it used to. This new idea is a great call to action and triggered a great response and the sales were there. We will do this annually.

David Scherle | General Manager | Burlington Toyota

Did You Know?

The marketers surveyed in this study used an average of 2.7 different media types for a typical direct marketing campaign. Research has also found that the use of multiple media types improves response rates by as much as 34% vs. print-only campaigns.

2011 | Infotrends Study